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Orié Inoué & Mitsuru Tateishi : Mukei no fūkei

“Only the landscapes we first see in dreams can be stared at with aesthetic passion,” writes Gaston Bachelard in his philosophical essay ‘Water and Dreams’ in 1942. As if there was a primacy of the inner experience above real life, of the sensitive above the rational. An imaginative force in motion.

When we probe the most archaic artistic testimonies, we can guess how much the human ability to form images and fictions from our own perception plays a large part in our relationship to the world. Humans are the sole beings that can invent things that aren’t real, that can build and spread common myths. In the same way, by sharing their subjective visions in the form of artworks, the artists reveal facets of the visible that previously stayed out of our range.

This universal dialogue, this poem without words, constitutes the heart of the exhibition by Japanese artists Orié Inoué and Mitsuru Tateishi, invited to show their works alongside for the first time. Expressing with oneirism the interrogation of man in front of the mysteries that surround us, the two artists urge the visitor to a journey to the other shore, where everyday life withers, where dreams are possible.

On the surface of Mitsuru Tateishi (b. 1962)’s paintings, undulating with wreath, the outlines of a dream take shape. His creations show the artworks’ ability to call out to the viewer’s emotions and arouse contemplation. The abstract smudges poured on paper or canvas evoke a matter that slowly proliferates. Drawing inspiration from the Physics concept of fluid mechanics, Tateishi exploits the reactions between the different mediums, colours and solvents he mixes. Layer after layer, he explores the effects of density, uses new tools to provoke turbulences, seeking for instability. The results are powerfully evocative works, somewhere between geological phenomenon and metaphors of the vegetal reign.

A similar dynamic of movement can be perceived in the work of Orié Inoué (b. 1983). She composes drawings and sculptures made of curls, vortexes and other circular forms coming from natural elements : plantlets, horsehair, barks. A symbol of the hope for new worlds to come, the seed materialises the starting point from which the artist traces her minimalistic tree views. In one same perimeter, she brings together the microcosm of the cellular scale and the macrocosm of stellar landscapes. Her art therefore seems permeated by the intuition of profound and invisible links that would structure the natural world.

By presenting us both some mysterious scenes with a meditative beauty, Mitsuru Tateishi and Orié Inoué bathe our eye in a quiet and awe-inspiring atmosphere, as when facing Nature.

© Fanny Giniès – Galerie Da-End
Presentation text for the two-person exhibition "Orié Inoué & Mitsuru Tateishi : Mukei no fūkei", 2019










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